The year was 1950 when a Riojan, Mr. Vicente Torre Campo and his wife, Ms. Pepita González Román, decided to import from Soto de Cameros – Vicente’s home town- a typical Christmas sweet that was consumed there so his friends in Montoro (Córdoba) could try it. This was the city where they lived and where Pepita was from.

This Christmas sweet was a marzipan typical of the region, which was only produced and consumed there with the family. Therefore, this product’s present name reflects the fact that it is a particular type of marzipan – Soto marzipan, which is much more succulent and tender than the typical product that everyone knows, traditional marzipan.

It was so well received in Montoro that in 1953, this Riojan entrepreneur decided to produce, along with his nephew Mr. Manuel Saenz – master of the trade -, these exquisite marzipans from Rioja in Montoro, the town in which the company is currently located. Hence, Mr. Vicente Torre, being true to his roots, would use "La Logroñesa" Montoro Marzipan as its commercial trademark for distributing the product.

The reputation of Montoro Marzipan extended even beyond Andalusia and the product carved a niche in the market thanks to its great quality.